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What Makes Helmet Heat® Different From Other Roof Heating Cables

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During the winter months, many homes develop a phenomenon on the roof known as ice damming. This happens when snowmelt freezes at the eaves and turns into a solid mass of heavy ice and debris. The weight of this accumulated ice can gradually cause gutters to sag and pull away from a home. Another danger of ice damming is the damage it can cause to roofing materials as ice creeps up under shingles and traps water on the roof surface. The dammed water can then penetrate the roof structure and cause interior water damage and wood rot.

While lack of attic insulation, poor ventilation in the attic or a combination of both issues are typically at the root of ice damming, Gutter Helmet® has developed a solution that can head off the symptoms of this problem. We offer Helmet Heat, a heating cable system installed inside the Gutter Helmet gutter shield to stop ice dams and frozen gutters with self-regulating warmth. Here are some of the advantages of Helmet Heat over other roof heating cable systems.

  • Helmet Heat requires 50% less cable than traditional exposed wire systems.
  • Helmet Heat automatically adjusts to the temperature outside, so it never needs to be turned on or switched off.
  • The Helmet Heat cable cannot overheat, making it safer and more efficient than other heating cables.
  • Helmet Heat is invisible. Gutter Helmet’s patented brackets are specifically designed to carry and conceal the Helmet Heat cable, so there are no clips or exposed wire to compromise the appearance of your home.

Together, Gutter Helmet gutter guard and the Helmet Heat deicing system comprise the best protection available for your roof against winter damage. Gutter Helmet® is engineered to handle the heaviest snowfalls, while self-regulating Helmet Heat silently reduces ice dams and frozen gutters from forming. To get a free quote on this dynamic duo from your nearest dealer, contact Gutter Helmet today at 800-824-3772.

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