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Helmet Heat®: The Effective & Economical Solution to Ice Damming

How to stop ice dams on roofIn winter, you may see heat cables for roofs while strolling through the home improvement store or hear about them on the TV or radio. There are many terms used to describe this type of product: heat tracing cables, roof deicing cables, heat tape, gutter heating cables, self-regulating cables and many more. When installed properly, these devices can minimize the likelihood that an ice dam will form along the roofline, allowing water to build up behind it and cause leaks.

The source of ice damming isn’t actually a problem with the roof or gutters. Most often the warm air that causes snow to melt on a roof is the result of not enough attic insulation, poor attic ventilation, gaps that allow heat to escape into the attic space, or a combination of these issues. To permanently stop ice damming, you will need to take steps to deal with its root causes. However, for some people, it is far too expensive or invasive to air seal, insulate and ventilate the attic space of their home. In this situation, gutter heating systems are an effective and economical solution that will minimize the conditions necessary for ice dams to form and prevent damage to the home.

The Gutter Helmet® system gives you a two-step method to keep ice damming at bay. It starts with Gutter Helmet’s patented nose-forward design that allows water to flow naturally into the gutter system while keeping out the leaves and debris that clog gutters and contribute to the formation of ice dams. Helmet Heat® is the companion to Gutter Helmet®. It’s a self-regulating deicing cable that fits inside the Gutter Helmet® patented bracket system and gently warms the Gutter Helmet® panels to stop snow and ice from accumulating along the eaves, gutters and in the downspouts. With Helmet Heat®, snow is melted before it hits the edge of your roof and flows easily through your unobstructed rain gutters and downspouts.

For more information about heated gutters, contact Gutter Helmet® today at 800-824-3772 to find the nearest dealer that installs Helmet Heat®. Our certified crews can help you stay protected from ice build-up in your roof and gutters year-round.