Keep an Eye Out for These 6 Gutter Contractor Red Flags

Gutters are an essential part of any home’s or business’s infrastructure, and proper maintenance and installation are necessary to ensure they function as designed. When it comes time to install new gutters in Millersville, MD, there are certain contractor red flags that you should watch out for. Keep an eye out for these six signs […]

The Pros and Cons of Ice Melt Socks

The winter season brings about a variety of challenges for homeowners, including slippery surfaces and the need to take precautions against falling ice or snow. One way to combat these risks is by using ice melt socks. Ice melt socks are long strips of fabric filled with rock salt, calcium chloride or potassium chloride, which […]

What Not to Do When Your Downspouts Are Frozen

Downspouts are an important part of your home’s exterior. They help to direct water away from the foundation and prevent basement flooding. In cold climates like Millersville, MD, frozen downspouts can become a problem during winter. It is important to take measures to ensure that these downspouts remain free-flowing and do not become blocked with […]

5 Snow Removal Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Winter weather can be tough on your home in Millersville, MD. Snow and ice accumulation make it difficult to maneuver around the property and can damage the structure of your home if you’re not careful. While snow removal is an essential part of winter preparation for any homeowner or business owner, people make several common […]

Gutters Frozen Solid? Here’s What to Do

Without functioning gutters and gutter guards, rain and melting snow can cause major damage to your roof and other parts of your home. Unfortunately, Millersville, MD gutters can be prone to freezing during cold winter months. If you have noticed that your gutters are frozen solid this season, here is what you should do:

Reasons Your Roof Can Leak This Winter

Duluth and Culver, MN, along with other cities in Saint Louis County, are areas that get a lot of snow and ice in the winter, and your roof can take a beating. The combination of freezing temperatures and heavy precipitation can wreak havoc on your gutters, shingles and other roofing components. And if your roof […]

Solving Congestion in the Underground Downspout Drain

To keep your home safe against water damage, you’ll need to keep tabs on your gutter system. Be especially wary of congestion in the underground downspout drain. If overlooked, it can cause several problems. And not just to the gutters themselves, but to your roof and home. Here’s everything you need to know about clogs […]

The 3 Most Common Ladder Mistakes

Some homeowners try to save money by doing work around the house themselves but, in many instances, DIYing certain types of home maintenance and improvements is unsafe and impractical — particularly those that require the use of a ladder. These jobs are best left in the hands of experienced professionals. As reported by the World […]

How to Tell That Your Gutters Are Leaking

In order to determine whether your gutters need to be repaired, you have to keep an eye out for certain signs. Your gutter system — which can include gutter covers — has a very important job: protecting your home from water buildup and damage (especially the foundation). Leaky gutters can cause all sorts of problems, […]

Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Rain Gutters

When it comes to home construction, companies won’t stay in business long if their service and quality of workmanship are subpar. Developing a good relationship with customers and keeping them happy and satisfied should be a top priority for any company. When mistakes are made and there are problems with an installation, their reputation can […]

Why Seamless Gutters Are Worth Every Penny

Good rain gutters are crucial when it comes to protecting your home and landscaping from water infiltration and damage. If your gutter and drainage system isn’t performing well or is just old and needs to be replaced, you’ll need to decide between two options for the best rain gutter system: sectional and seamless gutters.

4 Surprising Reasons to Inspect Your Gutter Hangers

While gutter hangers may seem like some of the least important components of your gutter system, they’re actually vital if you want your gutters to function smoothly and efficiently. Their  job is simple: keep the gutters firmly in place at the appropriate angle to catch the rainwater and snowmelt draining off your roof and move […]

6 Tips for Painting Galvanized Steel Gutters

Spring will be here before we know it, and many homeowners are more than ready to get out in the fresh air and get some things crossed off their spring to-do list. One popular spring home maintenance task is exterior painting. This can entail not only painting a home’s exterior but the gutters as well. […]

4 Effective Tips for Preventing Ice Dams

The season of snow, ice and harsh weather conditions is upon us, and it’s important to make sure your home is prepared before it’s hit by severe winter storms that can cause damage. In particular, it’s crucial to take the appropriate steps to prevent – or at least reduce – the formation of ice dams […]

How Gutter Helmet® Solves Gutter Problems

A good gutter system is vital to protect your home against rain and water intrusion. It does this by draining and channeling rainwater off your roof and away from the house. This helps protect not only your foundation and landscaping, but also the exterior walls, siding, soffit and fascia from the effects of erosion and […]

How to Avoid Hiring Unreliable Contractors

Maintaining a home isn’t cheap. There’s always something that needs to be fixed or upgraded, so it can be tempting to try to save money by hiring cheap contractors to take care of your home maintenance, repair and replacement needs. Unfortunately, when it comes to installing new gutters and rain gutter guards, focusing too much […]