Seamless Gutters

5 Reasons Seamless Gutters Should Be Installed on Your Home

If you don’t have gutters on your home or are ready to replace your old ones, you’ll need to choose between sectional and seamless gutters. Decades ago, the only option was sectional gutters, which is why most homes with older gutter systems have this type. Today, seamless gutter systems are the superior option; here are […]

3 ways to make gutter cleaning easier

3 Ways to Make Gutter Cleaning Easier

Our gutters are a necessary and vital part of our home. In order for them to function properly, they must be clean, allowing water to flow through them as intended. Unfortunately, gutter cleaning isn’t an easy task and can be dangerous, but there are ways to make the job easier.

Wildfire Risk

[INFOGRAPHIC] Homeowner’s Guide to Reducing Wildfire Risk | Gutter Helmet

Thousands of homes are destroyed by wildfires every year. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, more than 5.5 million acres burned in the U.S. in 2016, with wildfires occurring in every state but Delaware. In this infographic, learn the risks and what homeowners can do to defend against wildfires.

Aging in Place

5 Design Must-Haves for Aging in Place

More homeowners are choosing to grow old in the homes they’ve lived in for many years, rather than moving to unfamiliar housing. If you decide that aging in place is what you’d like to do, you will likely need to make some changes to your home to accommodate this plan. These design changes will help […]

Review Roundup: More Satisfied Customers Share Their Gutter Helmet® Experience

Review Roundup: More Satisfied Customers Share Their Gutter Helmet® Experience

We’re proud of our team, from the person who takes your first phone call to the people who install Gutter Helmet® on your home. Many of our satisfied customers leave gutter cap reviews and we thought that we’d share some of them with you. There are many more, but here are just a few excerpts […]

5 Tips to Downsize Your Home for Retirement

5 Tips to Downsize Your Home for Retirement

Moving for any reason is a daunting task, but even more so when you’re considering downsizing. Before you can consider moving, you’ll need to get your home ready to sell and eliminate some of your belongings. There are many ways to do this and often the hardest step is getting started! Here are some tips.

How A Textured Surface Makes Our Gutter Protection More Effective

How a Textured Surface Makes Our Gutter Protection More Effective

Gutter Helmet® gutter covers didn’t become the top-rated gutter guards by accident. Over many years, our engineers have spent countless hours designing our product for maximum efficiency. Our patented design includes technology to help it work more efficiently than other gutter covers in all weather conditions.

Gutter Cap

Do You Love Your Trees But Hate Fall Leaves?

Although we’re still in the dog days of summer and your trees are providing you with much-needed protection from the sun, have you looked up at all those leaves and started to dread the thought of fall? Many homeowners have a love-hate relationship with their trees. They love the shade, the wildlife that lives in […]

pest signs

5 Signs of a Pest Infestation

Pest infestations can cause major headaches for homeowners. The damage pests can do to your home and the expenses you’ll accrue as you go through the extermination process are considerable—but one of the worst parts of the whole saga is the mental distress that comes from knowing that creepy crawlers are living in your midst!

GUTTER HELMET Infographic Guide to Reducing Wildfire Risk September 2017

The Homeowner’s Guide to Reducing Wildfire Risk

Did you know that thousands of homes are destroyed by wildfires every year? Fortunately, as a homeowner you can take many steps to boost your home’s protection against this threat. In today’s post, Gutter Helmet®, the leading manufacturer of rain gutter shields in the industry, explains what you can do to defend your home against […]