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8 Ways to Keep Birds Out of Your Gutters

It’s easy enough to get rid of the pine needles, twigs, leaves, and other stuff that can clog your gutters. But what about those pesky winged creatures who build nests and make themselves at home in your gutters?


Here are eight options for keeping birds out of your gutters.

  1. Gutter guards. There are different varieties of gutter guards, but they all work using the same principle: to allow water to flow into your gutters while keeping everything else out. These may have to be installed by a professional, but they can be very effective in fending off large nesting birds.
  2. Hardware cloth. This is actually less like cloth and more like a galvanized steel mesh. You can place this 1/4-inch or 1/2 inch hardware cloth over your gutters and wrap it tightly to them with wires. Birds won’t be able to move it or slip underneath it.
  3. Repellants. There are several types of bird repellants on the market, including those which come in granule, gel, or liquid spray form. Bird repellants don’t harm the birds physically; rather, they are formulated to emit scents which alter the creatures’ physiological states. This alteration makes birds uncomfortable with their surroundings, causing them to fly off and nest elsewhere.
  4. Fright inducers. This is really a fancy word for decoys — like owls or eagles — which can be placed on top of a home near its gutters. There’s even a product called Scary Eyes which consists of an inflatable balloon that can be placed near gutters. But be sure that these fright inducers are placed before the birds take up residence in your gutters; otherwise, they won’t be effective.
  5. Traps. As with other animal pests, the optimum solution may be trapping them and setting them free elsewhere. You can buy traps designed to ensnare pigeons, starlings, sparrows, or other kinds of gutter-invading birds. The key is to establish a feeding location to lure the birds toward the traps – like a relatively flat portion of your roof, for example.
  6. Sound waves. These devices either send out sounds of predators which will scare the birds away, or emit high-frequency sounds which can be heard by birds but not humans. The products themselves are usually speakers that can be mounted near your gutters – but you may need several to cover your entire home guttering system.
  7. Fake snakes. Believe it or not, those squiggly pieces of rubber often used for pranks can sometimes be effective in scaring away birds. The key is to attach them to a surface in or near your gutters so they won’t be washed into your downspouts by rainwater – or carried away by birds of prey.
  8. Attack spiders. Yes, this is a real product. This attack spider is designed to detect motion and release an 18-inch cord from which it drops down onto unsuspecting birds, thus frightening them away. You’ll have to find a surface above your gutters where you can hang it (like on some eaves or siding).

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