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12 Ways to Decorate Your Porch or Patio for the Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner and homeowners are eager to decorate their porches or patios for the holiday. This can range from adding garlands to doors and porch railings to wreaths, mini trees and candles. Here are some festive ways you can decorate your front porch, patio or yard!

1. Lighting: Consider adding votive candles inside glass mason jars lined with Epsom salt or rock salt. This provides beautiful illumination for a long time and looks better than paper bags.

2. Christmas tree decorations on your front porch: Your Christmas tree does not have to be limited to indoors. You can set up a small or even large Christmas tree on your porch. Just be sure to add a sturdy, weather-proof base to hold it in place. Instead of a fabric skirt, add a wicker basket weighted down with rocks for stability. Add Christmas decorations that can handle exposure to wind and other weather elements, such as pretty pinecones and shatterproof ornaments.

3. Illuminated Topiaries: Topiaries have become a popular mainstay during the holidays. Add lighting to them to provide gorgeous decorations that brighten up your porch regardless of how cold and wintery it is outside!

4. Swag for Your Door and Porch: Add some holiday swag with fresh greenery, ribbons and pine cones. You can even add some swag along your roofline, but you’ll want to keep your gutters clear of any possible debris with a leaf guard.

5. Create Ice Lanterns: Cut plastic milk cartons in half and fill them with ice. Place a candle in the middle. Surround with swag. You’d be surprised how cool these can look!

6. Create Tree Silhouettes: Using some plywood, nails and a hammer, you can make Christmas tree silhouettes that you can place anywhere along your patio, porch or yard.

7. Make Your Own Ornaments: This can be fun to do with family and friends. Just buy a few supplies from the craft store and necessary hardware to hang them. The only limit is your imagination.

8. Make a Monogrammed Doormat: Design your own custom doormat for the season.

9. Make Your Own Snowy Wreath: Add glittery pine cones, berries, faux greenery and even flowers with faux snow to a grapevine wreath and hang on your front door.

10. Glitter Goes a Long Way: Your experiments with glitter and glue gun in elementary school can be put to some use now! Just glitter and glue in an empty jar can create a gorgeous shimmery effect. Add a candle in the middle and enjoy.

11. Feed Your Friends: Add frozen fruit ornaments in the trees and woods by your home to feed animals.

12. Create Your Own Melt-Proof Snowman: With three faux evergreen wreaths, good wooden support and your own decorations, you can create your own snowman that looks good, stays up and does not need to be rebuilt every year. This works well in climates that do not have snow.

You can enjoy your holiday season without worry when you have invested in good gutter protection. Leaf guards ensure that water is properly draining from the roof to the ground without affecting the foundation or surrounding areas.

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