after gutter helmet installation

Fascia Style Gutters

Nevertheless, you do have some options in gutter profiles. The “fascia” style of gutter, because it is popular in some parts of the country, is offered by some installers. How to describe the fascia style? Think again of that crown molding on your ceiling, the molding whose curved face resembles the profile of a K-style gutter. Now imagine if the curve was straightened out and the face made smooth. That would be close to a fascia style gutter.


Why choose a profile that might seem plain Jane? In some regions of the country, particularly out West—colonial style homes give way to other architectural traditions. So a gutter that resembles crown molding might not be a good aesthetic fit with, say, a Spanish Mission style home with a tile roof or a Rustic style home with a shake roof.


Proponents of fascia style gutters say the profile holds more water since the trough is boxy rather than curved. And because they hold more water, fascia style gutters can made narrower—and thus less obtrusive and noticeable—and still perform as well as K-style gutters.