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Finding the Right Gutter Size

Gutter sizing errors are among the worst possible sins in building design because they have the potential to cause serious damage and are expensive to correct. Undersized gutters cause roof leaks, wood rot, cracked foundations, and a host of other problems usually associated with clogged or leaky gutters. Oversized gutters, on the other hand, rack up a lot of unnecessary costs and can sag over time.

Below are some factors to consider if you want to avoid having to deal with the stress and expense of improperly sized gutters.

Gutter Sizing Considerations

Gutter sizing is a rather technical subject, but without getting too deep into tables and computations, we can discuss the main factors that come into play when figuring out what size gutters you need:

  • Drainage area. As a general rule, the bigger the total square footage of your roof, the more water it can receive and send down your gutters.
  • Roof pitch. Steeper roofs tend to receive more windblown rain and send it down to the gutters at a faster rate.
  • Maximum rainfall intensity. Regional rainfall levels will affect standard gutter sizing where you live. Complete data is available at the US Weather Bureau.
  • Gutter style and dimensions. Gutter capacity increases with increasing volume (L × W × D), but some gutter styles are not designed to hold water along their full depths and widths.
  • Gutter support capability. The hangers or brackets used must be able to support the gutters at full rain, snow, and ice load capacity.
  • Downspout spacing and sizing. Gutters are not meant to hold water indefinitely and must be paired with properly spaced and sized outlets for drainage.

Can Gutter Helmet® Handle It?

It would be remiss of us at Gutter Helmet® to emphasize the importance of proper sizing if we weren’t sure our product can take Mother Nature’s worst in its turn. But no worries: our gutter protection system has been tested and proven capable of handling rainfall intensities of up to 22 inches per hour without overflowing—twice the heaviest recorded rainfall in US history!

Gutter Helmet® also features a ribbed surface for added tensile strength and reinforced aluminum alloy brackets that allow it to hold up against the heaviest rain or snow loads and extreme winds.

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