after gutter helmet installation

Steel Gutters

Galvanized 26- or 24-guage steel remains a viable choice for the retrofit gutter market because of its high strength and low rates of thermal movement. Steel gutters have twice the tensile strength of aluminum, with approximately half the amount of thermal expansion and contraction. That can be important if you live in climates that experience heavy winds, hail, or snow.

The cost of a steel gutter system will be higher than aluminum and the choice of colors will be more limited. Because steel gutters are typically about twice the weight of aluminum gutters, installers cannot lift and handle steel as easily. Joints must be soldered. All of this adds to labor costs. But if you want a stronger alternative to aluminum, steel gutter systems can still be competitive with aluminum gutters and gutter systems. They will hold up over time, and if you’re willing to sacrifice some aesthetic choice, they are a good choice for gutters.