after gutter helmet installation

Is Installing Custom Gutters Right for Your Home?

Want to install custom gutters on your new home that perform great and look great?

In your case, choosing a custom gutter installer may be easiest of all—and yet the monetary consequences of your decision may be the greatest.

If you’re purchasing a tract home in a development then the builder will choose the gutter system (though you can ask about an upgrade). But if you’re building a custom home, the choice of gutters is ultimately up to you. After spending all that money to give your home’s exterior the “look” you want, why skimp on gutters? Though a copper gutter system with decorative accessories will cost you five figures, that’s still a nominal expense when you compare it to the total project (or even to the roofing cost alone).

Your architect may specify the gutters, and your general contractor may choose a gutter installer who is experienced with high-end homes. These aren’t gutter installers who just bring a gutter machine to your property and crank out lengths of aluminum. Upscale copper and zinc gutters are often installed by custom gutter installers who are skilled in working sheet metal. Gutter troughs are brought to the jobsite in sections and must be soldered to fit. “Exotic” metals are expensive so you want an installer who doesn’t make mistakes.

If you have an upscale home and decide to install custom gutters in copper or zinc (either to replace old gutters, or to remodel) then be sure to choose an installer who can show you photographs of past work and give you ideas on what works—and looks—best for your home.