The Benefits of Metal Gutter Guards

Are you tired of the regular maintenance you have to perform to keep your gutters clean and clog-free? Do you get embarrassed by the way your gutters look even as you strive to keep up your landscaping and the exterior of your home? If you are tired of dealing with messy gutters that clog regularly, our metal gutter guards are the perfect solution for all your headaches.

Save Money

Although the initial investment in a gutter splash guard may give you some concern, the concept pays for itself time and again, when you consider the time and energy you will save every year. With gutter guards, there is no need for regular gutter cleaning, which can be a dangerous and unpleasant task. Preserve your precious weekend hours and devote your energy to more fulfilling tasks with our help.

Less Maintenance

A gutter guard requires a minimal amount of maintenance, and the time you spend maintaining a gutter guard pales in comparison to the time it takes to clean your gutters regularly. Gutter Helmet’s patented system protects your gutters from debris, insects and animals that would otherwise settle in your gutters. With the protection of your gutters, our innovative system still manages to effectively move rainwater away from your home, performing the job your gutters were intended to complete, more efficiently.

Protect Your Basement

Even if you’ve never experienced problems with flooding or leaks in your basement, one big storm combined with one clogged gutter can create a nightmare in an otherwise pristine environment. When gutters are clogged and water cannot move freely through the gutters, the water may back up and enter the basement when it becomes too much. Water will travel through the path of least resistance if your gutters don’t do their job and direct the water away from the foundation.

Protect Your Home

Without adequate gutter systems, water can quickly back up and damage your home. Ice dams and leaks can create a prime environment for mold and mildew to grow, eventually leading to serious health risks or damage to your home. Pooled water can also create leaks and floods within the walls of your home, damaging electrical systems and rotting wood. Gutter Helmet’s unique system offers your home valuable assistance in fighting water damage that can be long lasting.

Protect Yourself

Gutter cleaning can be a dangerous task as you hover on a ladder above your roof and deal with potentially harmful substances. Gutter Helmet® saves you the time and keeps you safe by eliminating the need for regular gutter cleaning.

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