Costs for Gutter Helmet

For over 30 years, the Gutter Helmet® gutter protection system has been keeping gutters free of clutter and clogs for tens of thousands of home and property owners. The patented nose forward design and rugged construction ensure a lifetime of service. Backed by a Triple Lifetime Warranty, Gutter Helmet gutter covers offer a range of benefits over the years including greatly reduced maintenance, protection against overflowing rainwater, and cost benefits.

For those considering joining the countless homeowners who have realized the many benefits of using Gutter Helmet® gutter covers, the first question will naturally be “How much does it cost?” Quoting a flat price would be the simplest thing to do, but every situation is different so there are several factors that have to be included in calculating the final cost.

Installation Cost Factors:

The first things we will look at are the size, structure and dimensions of your home.

  • How many stories is your home?
  • How many corners does it have?
  • How steep is the roof and is it in good condition?
  • What is the total length of all of your gutters?

Next, we’ll look at the condition of your existing rain gutters.

There is no sense in putting a new gutter cover on a gutter that’s in bad shape and needs to be repaired or replaced. They may not be in good enough condition to install Gutter Helmet on, so if there is extra work we have to do, then those costs have to be factored into the price.

  • Are your rain gutters clean?
  • Have they been properly installed?
  • Are they warped, corroded or coming off?
  • Does the fascia (The board on the edge of your roof that holds the rain gutter) need repair or replacement?

If everything is in good shape and the conditions are right, then we can proceed with the installation.

Additional factors that we need to consider are:

  • Do we need any special equipment to do your installation because of the way your home is situated among other conditions?
  • How difficult is it to get to your home and the gutter system?

These are the primary considerations when evaluating your installation. Whatever the final cost is, we are sure you will find it well worth your investment. The money and trouble you will save in the end on cleaning, maintenance and repairing potential damage to your home from clogged rain gutters, make it a very affordable and beneficial home improvement.

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A Gutter Helmet® sales consultant will come to your home and give it a thorough inspection, after which taking all the above factors into consideration, they will provide a no-obligation quote. All installations include a tune-up of your existing rain gutter system – including cleaning, sealing, re-pitching and adding hangers as needed.