Why You Should Choose a Professional Gutter Cover System

As a homeowner or building manager, there is no need for you to spend your time and energy cleaning out your gutters when Gutter Helmet® offers you a guarantee that each gutter cover and leaf filter we install can keep debris and leaves out of your gutter, even as they function to propel rainwater away from your roof and home.

Gutter Helmet® rain gutter covers have a patented nose forward design that extends beyond your gutters to catch rainwater and propel it down the natural path. With a narrow 3/8-inch opening, the gutter leaf guard lets leaves and other debris fall to the ground and water enters the gutter. Gutter Helmet® is rated to handle water at a rate of 22 inches per hour, more than twice the amount of rainfall EVER reported in the United States.

Types of Gutter Covers

As homeowners attempt to handle the problem of clogged gutters on their own, many products have become available that allow you to fix your own system.

DIY Gutter Covers: Gutter covers made of low-end materials can be found at any home improvement or hardware store. Many gutter screens are made of mesh that are held in place with tape or screws at the top of your rain gutters. The screen on the rain gutter cover keeps debris out while filtering rainwater through the screen. There is still a lot of maintenance with these DIY products and they are not a permanent solution.

Other gutter covers are made of metal panels or vinyl that are attached underneath the shingles and fasten to each section of gutter on the outside lip. These gutter covers slide debris right off the top while trickling water down over the top edge of the cover and into the gutter.

Purchasing and installing your own gutter covers may sound like a thrifty idea, but the reality is that these gutter systems may only last for a year or two. With DIY gutter covers and makeshift leaf guards, you’ll be forced to fix or replace the cover, expending valuable energy, time, and money into a chore that isn’t necessary.

Professional Gutter Covers: At Gutter Helmet®, we offer professionally installed gutter covers and leaf guards with a guarantee that our system works. Although your initial investment may be higher, the benefits and savings you reap are well worth the extra investment. Gutter Helmet ®covers come with a lifetime warranty, ensuring that you are never forced to clean a gutter again.

Professional gutter covers can save you time, money, and energy that could be better spent on other projects or activities.

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If you’re sick and tired of always having to clean out your gutters, contact a professional gutter cover installer today.

Trusted Quality for Over 30 Years

Advantages of Gutter Covers

Some homeowners choose to hire a gutter cleaner to take care of the dirty job for them. However, the costs of hiring a maintenance person every few months really add up over time. For a one-time cost, professionally installed gutter covers offer homeowners several other advantages:

  • Gutter covers are maintenance-free.
  • They keep clogging foliage, ice, and other gutter problems at bay.
  • Gutter covers are remarkably affordable.
  • Clean gutters prevent water damage to your house.

Imagine never again worrying about getting dirty and risking injury while gutter cleaning. If you’re sick and tired of always having to clean out your gutters, contact a professional gutter cover installer today.

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