How Much Do Gutters Cost?

Perhaps you are building a new home and are trying to figure out how to handle the runoff water from your roof. Or maybe it’s simply time to replace the dilapidated, worn out gutters that are currently surrounding your roofline.

There are a number of material choices you can pick from when deciding to install new gutters. But invariably, most homeowners are going to ask that all-important question: how much is it going to cost me?

So let’s take a closer look at how much different types of gutters cost.


Because vinyl can be found in many different consumer products, it is widely available in the marketplace. This is a big reason why vinyl gutters will only set you back between $3 and $5 a foot. Vinyl never decays, but it can turn brittle or even break in extremely cold weather.

Galvanized Steel

If you prefer metallic gutters, then you may want to check out galvanized steel as an option. It’s relatively inexpensive at $4 to $8 per foot, and it’s both sturdy and long-lasting. However, galvanized steel’s fatal flaw is rust — which means that you will probably have to replace your gutters at some point.


Aluminum is the most popular choice among homeowners for their gutters. At between $5 and $9 per foot, it’s modestly priced but lightweight, hardy, and fairly strong. Plus, aluminum gutters are not susceptible to rust, making them preferred in climates with significant precipitation.


This metal is for homeowners who want to add more curb appeal to their houses. Unlike other metals, the classic, charming look of copper does not require paint to make it look aesthetically pleasing. Copper ages well without rusting — but it could strain your budget at approximately $12 per foot.

Stainless Steel

Call it the Bentley of gutters. Stainless steel is the most durable option for gutters because it is impervious to rust and maintains its shine for years. So you can install your gutters and forget about them (other than cleaning them, of course) — although at a whopping $20 per foot, you might spend more time paying off the bill.

For every homeowner, picking out gutter material is a cost-vs.-benefit decision. You have to weigh factors like how long you will stay in the home, what building codes or construction restrictions are in place where you live, and whether weather will be much of an issue regarding the deterioration of your gutters — as well as what your home improvement budget is. Only then can you make an informed choice about what type of gutters to install on your home.


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