Gutter Topper®

Gutter Topper gutter protection has similar characteristics as Gutter Helmet®. Each system uses surface tension to guide rainwater in gutters and downspouts. Each can be installed over your existing gutters without affecting the warranty on your roof or gutters. But there are important differences between Gutter Topper and Gutter Helmet®.

One homeowner’s story effectively demonstrates the difference between the two gutter protection systems. This homeowner lived in an old home with a steep pitched roof. Gutter Topper was installed on their home, but it only took a few rain storms for them to realize that rainwater cascaded down the pitch of the roof so fast that it flowed off of the roof and onto their lawn. Gutter Topper did not create enough surface tension to pull the rainwater in to the gutters.

Gutter Helmet® gutter protection panels have a textured, ribbed surface. The textured surface increases surface tension and tensile strength sufficiently so that even homes with steep pitched roofs can be protected properly from the harms of rainwater.