Why the Best Gutter Guard System Isn’t Made of Plastic

Vinyl gutter guardsHave you ever noticed that most all of the components of your roof are made of metal? That’s because metal offers better durability for a location that sees the most taxing exposure known to man, including intense sun, driving rain, heavy snow, pounding hail and more. Then why are some rain gutter covers made of plastic? Here’s why we believe vinyl gutter guards are not your best choice for long-term gutter protection. Read more »

Why Your Gutter Cap Installer Must Be Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Licensed, Bonded and InsuredPurchasing and maintaining a home is likely the biggest expense you will ever have. It’s understandable that property owners also want to get the lowest prices when they need services for their home, and may consider hiring an unlicensed contractor. Most unlicensed contractors are not insured or bonded, therefore they do not pay unemployment or compensation insurance for their workers and can underbid the licensed contractor. While this savings may seem attractive on the surface, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of hiring a true professional. Read more »

Use Gutter Helmet® to Squirrelproof Your Rain Gutter System

SquirrelproofWhile squirrels may appear cute in cartoons, the damage they can cause to a home is no laughing matter. This member of the rodent family possesses a strong urge to gnaw, a habit that maintains its continuously growing teeth. This urge sometimes drives squirrels to attack window sills, siding, flashing, soffits, eaves, fascia, decks and even electrical wiring, causing extensive and costly damage. Female squirrels in search of a nesting site often decide a rain gutter system is a prime location to raise their brood, compounding the danger to your home’s exterior. Once squirrels have taken up residence on your home, they can be very difficult to evict. Read more »

5 Steps to Gutter Cleaning Safety – Or Skip the Chore When You Install Gutter Leaf Protection

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is the semi-annual chore that most often strikes fear into the heart of even the most enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer, not only because it is tedious and dirty but because it involves the risk of physical injury. When it’s time to face the reality of gutter cleaning, follow these tips to ensure your safety and make the job less taxing. Read more »

Gutter Leaf Guard, the Permanent Solution to Clogged Downspouts

Are you one of those conscientious homeowners who cleans out your gutters in the spring and fall, hoping to avoid the perils of clogged gutters? If so, you are likely also aware of the importance of properly sloped gutters, and are diligent about making sure the gutters are not rusting or leaking. So when the heavy rains start, your carefully maintained rain gutter system directs water that runs down your roof smoothly into the gutters … and stops at the clogged downspouts. Read more »

For a Limited Time, Save $250 on Gutter Helmet® Gutter Guard Installation

If you have considered installing a gutter protection system on your home, but have always delayed making that phone call due to cost, this is a great time to take advantage of a special spring incentive on Gutter Helmet® installation. Now through June 30th, you will receive $250 off your Gutter Helmet order*! That’s a great deal on the system that has been America’s #1 choice in gutter protection for the past three decades.

Gutter Helmet® not only will protect your gutter system from the elements, it will also improve the overall appearance of your home. This metal gutter guard installation is a specially designed system with patented technology that quickly filters rainwater through the system while keeping out debris and minimizing the build-up of gunk in the gutter trough. It’s an ingenious system that virtually eliminates the risk of water damage to many components of your house due to gutter problems.

In addition, Gutter Helmet® is designed to blend seamlessly into your roof line, creating a clean and attractive finish. The installation is available in an array of colors to coordinate with your roof shingles, including two new shades – Onyx and Canyon – just added to the Stonescape Finish paint series. And because Gutter Helmet® is only installed by one of our factory-trained dealers, you can be confident you will receive a superior gutter protection system to keep you and your home or business protected now and for years to come.

Gutter Helmet® is warranted against clogs for life, giving you the assurance that your investment will be a wise one. Don’t put it off any longer … this promotion ends June 30th, so give us a call today at (866) 547-7352 or fill out the form here to get started!

*Some restrictions may apply.

Improve Your Home’s Resistance to Wildfires with Gutter Helmet® Metal Gutter Guards

Drought conditions continue across a large swath of the Midwestern, Western and Pacific regions of the United States. From the eastern Rockies extending westward to the Pacific Ocean, precipitation has been below normal for many months and subsequently drought continues to intensify. The United States Department of Agriculture has categorized the western half of Kansas and Oklahoma, northern Texas, eastern New Mexico, eastern Nevada and nearly all of California as suffering from extreme or exceptionally extreme drought conditions. Read more »

Protect Your Beautiful Lawn & Landscaping with the Best Gutter Guards Available

Spring and summer finds most people spending more time in their yards and outdoor living spaces, enjoying warm weather and the opportunity to socialize with neighbors, friends and family. For this reason, most homeowners are willing to invest a significant amount of money in their lawn and landscaping. It’s an investment with great returns according to most real experts and SmartMoney magazine, which reported that an investment of 5% of your home’s value in landscaping can yield a return of 150% when the home sells. Read more »

The New Homeowner’s Guide to Gutters & Gutter Topper

If you are one of the thousands of people who purchased a new home this spring, you may be unfamiliar with one of the most important components that will protect your real estate investment. If your new home has leaky gutters – or no gutters at all – you may be thinking it’s an expense that can wait. Rainwater and snowmelt will simply fall to the ground and be absorbed, right?

Wrong. Gutters and downspouts are a crucial protective system that directs water away from where it causes the most damage. Allowing water to pool around your home’s foundation can lead to a myriad of problems. Here are a few things to consider about gutters and gutter covers. Read more »

How Does Your Gutter Cover Stand Up to the Maple Spinner?

The dreaded maple seed. It has been the downfall of many a gutter cover. If there is a maple tree growing in your yard, or even a few houses down in a neighbor’s yard, you know how effectively these “helicopters,” “spinners” and “whirligigs” can get around. Unfortunately, the compact size and maneuverability of these unique seed pods can quickly leave your home’s gutter system overwhelmed. And unlike snow, they won’t melt away. Read more »