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12 Ways to Decorate Your Porch or Patio for the Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner and homeowners are eager to decorate their porches or patios for the holiday. This can range from adding garlands to doors and porch railings to wreaths, mini trees and candles. Here are some festive ways you can decorate your front porch, patio or yard! 1.[…] read more

Gutter Guard Comparisons: Gutter Helmet® vs. Foam Gutter Inserts

There are a lot of gutter guards on the market for gutter protection, and making the right decision for your home can take some thought and research. You’ll find gutter guard reviews that tout the pros and cons of buying any gutter guard system. Here we take a closer look[…] read more

5 Smart Ways to Save Energy and Water at Home

As part of your regular home improvement and maintenance schedule, it is advisable to take a look at your energy and water consumption at home. Energy and water consumption can quickly add up monthly, especially if you have a family or guests. However, there are some daily habits you can[…] read more

How to Rake Fallen Leaves Like a Pro

If you have trees on or around your property, your regular home maintenance will include raking up fallen leaves from the lawn, garden, walkways and other areas around your home. Here are some helpful tips to rake fallen leaves like a pro! Start with a Calm, Dry Day First of[…] read more