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How to Downsize Your Lawn & Landscape for Retirement

The Social Security Administration’s Office of the Inspector General reports that nearly 59 million Americans are receiving Social Security benefits as of January 2015, and a significant portion of those are American adults at retirement age. That’s a lot of homeowners who are undergoing a shift in lifestyle, which means[...] read more

Stay Cooler in Summer with These Fast-Growing Shade Trees

A 2009 study conducted by the USDA Forest Service’s Pacific Northwest Research Station found that shade trees planted on the south and west sides of a house in California reduced summer electric bills by about $25 annually. The study surveyed the utility usage of 460 single-family homes in Sacramento, where[...] read more

Dealing with Moss & Algae Growth on a Roof

Homeowners who live in all parts of the country can experience moss and algae growth on their roof. This growth occurs on many types of roofing materials when there is enough moisture present from moderate rainfall and/or high levels of humidity. Moss and algae are most common on north-facing portions[...] read more

5 Cool Ideas to Create an Irresistible Outdoor Living Space

Many homeowners spend thousands of dollars furnishing the interior of their home, while completely ignoring outdoor living spaces such as porches, patios and decks. However, studies repeatedly demonstrate that spending time outdoors is good for mental and physical well-being. Instead of logging all your free time inside, use these tips[...] read more

Lessen the Effects of Stormwater Runoff with Smart Landscaping

Many parts of the United States have experienced usually high amounts of rainfall in recent months. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that nationally, May 2015 was the wettest month of any on record. In days gone by, nearly all rainwater fell onto soil and was slowly absorbed by[...] read more