Will Gutter Helmet® Work with My Roofing Warranty?

One of the most common questions we are asked by homeowners who are considering Gutter Helmet® is whether their roof warranty will be affected by the installation of Gutter Helmet®. A new roof involves a serious investment of time and money, and that investment is protected by the warranty that is included with a professional roof installation. They want to make sure that anything they add to their home will not affect that coverage.

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Can Rain Gutter Covers from Gutter Helmet® Handle Really Heavy Rains?

Homeowners in parts of the country subject to heavy rainfall often ask us if rain gutter covers from Gutter Helmet® can handle really heavy rains. The answer: yes, they can! But first let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Gutter Helmet® has been tested to handle 22 inches of rainfall per hour, almost twice the heaviest rainfall ever measured by the U.S. Weather Service. The accepted world record for the most rain that fell in one hour is 12 inches of rain in Holt, MO, on June 22, 1947. Even more impressive, the entire 12 inches actually fell in only 42 minutes! However, this record is a matter of debate since there are other cases without official records.

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Understanding the Differences between Zigzag Heat Cables and Helmet Heat®

In a previous blog, we discussed different heating options to keep winter ice off your roof. We also proposed that Helmet Heat® is the best of the bunch among gutter heating systems. Here’s more on this important topic for homeowners.

The Downsides of Heat Cables

For decades, heat cables have been many homeowners’ choice for keeping their roof and gutters free of the dangerous effects of ice dams and icicles. Heat cables are most commonly installed in a zigzag pattern along the lower edge of a roof. This installation can result in a very unsightly look on the roof. Heat cable also has to be fastened to the roof, and may not be able to melt large amounts of snow. Helmet Heat is the latest innovation in heat cable that solves many of the issues that plague its predecessor. Read more »

The Best Gutter Covers Include a Triple Lifetime Warranty

You are tired of cleaning your gutters twice a year because of the muck and debris that always lies inside, and the worry that climbing up and down a ladder brings. You have made the decision to invest in a gutter screen installation – congratulations! Next you need to choose a gutter cover with a warranty you can feel good about. After all, there’s no sense in paying for a product that will not stand the test of time. Read more »

Why You Should Never Consider Skipping Gutters for a Home

If you are curious about the structure of typical house gutters, here is a basic outline of how a traditional rain gutter system fits together.

Gutters are formed in a number of shapes and profiles, but the key components and the way those parts fit together are generally the same. Most gutters are fabricated on-site by a professional contractor with a metal-forming machine. This ensures that gutters are seamless (which greatly reduces the chance of leaks) and custom-sized for the home. At the end of the gutter, at the corner of the house, the downspout connects to the gutter through a drop outlet. An end cap is placed on the end of the last section of gutter to give the system a finished look and to channel water down the downspout. The drop outlet connects to two downspout elbows, which allows the gutter downspout to curve around the edge where your house meets the roof. Downspout straps are placed every few feet to secure the downspout to your house.

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In the Dead of Winter, Helmet Heat® Protects Homes Across the Country

How to stop ice dams on roofIt’s time to start thinking about winter. Yes, now. We know, you’re probably still wrapped up in the activities of the holiday season, putting away Christmas decorations, playing with your new gadgets and stay cozy inside. But winter has only just begun, and this means many more weeks with the potential for trouble for your home. Read more »

5 Deicing Options for Roofs & How They Rate

One of the biggest nuisances for homeowners in winter is ice. Whether it’s on the sidewalk or hanging from the gutters, ice poses a serious threat to your safety and that of your home. Ice that builds up along the roof and in gutters can cause ice damming, resulting in expensive damage to the interior and exterior. If slippery walkways and ice damming are a concern for you, there are several deicing solutions. Here are some of the most common options.

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