How to Install Gutter Guards the Gutter Helmet® Way

Installation of the Gutter Helmet® gutter protection system requires a factory-trained specialist. Our experts need to examine your roof, gutters and fascia board to ensure your Gutter Helmet® system is planned and installed properly. Here’s the process for having America’s best gutter guards installed on your home. Read more »

After You Move In: Money-Saving Maintenance Tips for a New Home

seniors new home maintenanceMoving into a new home is exciting! Once you get settled in, turn your attention to these simple improvements that can save money, time and – in some cases – your life. Most take just a few minutes or a quick call to a trusted professional.

  • Check the attic insulation. At least six inches of attic insulation is a crucial layer of protection against the loss of heated and cooled air. If your new home has too little insulation, a professional contractor can easily add more. Refer to ENERGY STAR® guidelines to find out recommended insulation levels for your area. Read more »

Money from the Sky: What You Need to Harvest Rainwater

Did you know that money falls from the sky every time it rains? It’s true, and that money is in the form of water! Harvesting rainwater is a simple way to save on expensive, chemically treated municipal water while helping the environment around you. Even though it’s an old practice, there have been many innovations in rainwater collection. Let’s discuss the three most important elements of the modern rainwater harvesting system. Read more »

The Long-Lasting Solution to Leaky Gutters

Clogged Gutter

Tired of leaky gutters? Ready to replace gutters that sag off of your roof?

If you’re simply in the market for seamless aluminum gutters, then you really have to do your homework before replacing your existing gutters. As mentioned above, there are no recognized industry standards, no required licenses, no professional certification programs, and no nonprofit trade associations for gutter installers. Read more »

The Trouble with Micro-Mesh Gutter Guards

micromesh gutter guards clogIf you have friends or neighbors with micro-mesh gutter guards, chances are they are not happy with the performance of the product. That’s because debris frequently builds up on the guards or water deflects off the fine mesh of the guard, causing more trouble than before it was installed. It doesn’t matter what a manufacturer claims: the fact is micro-mesh gutter guards will still need to be serviced once or twice per year. Here’s why. Read more »

Lowe’s, Home Depot and More: Whose Gutter Guards are Best?

It’s safe to say that very few people enjoy cleaning gutters. Each spring and fall, after cleaning leaves and muck out of their gutters yet again, countless homeowners head to their local big-box home improvement store to find a permanent solution to their gutter cleaning woes. You would think that two companies that are responsible for an estimated 80% of the home improvement industry’s annual revenue – Home Depot and Lowe’s – would be able to provide a reliable, long-term solution to these homeowners. Read more »

How to Keep Gutters Free of Nesting Birds

bird eggs nest in gutterMost people enjoy watching birds and their interesting behaviors. Unfortunately, some of these behaviors can be annoying and even destructive to your property.

When it comes time to build nests and raise young, many bird species find the open, narrow spaces of rain gutters and eaves to be an ideal place to settle down. Problem is, birds nesting in gutters will allow leaves and other debris to back up around the nest, clogging the gutter system and causing gutters to overflow when it rains. This may lead to other, more damaging problems for a home. Read more »