Helmet Heat®, The Perfect Partner for Gutter Helmet® Gutter Cover

helmet-heatLeaves in your gutters aren’t nice, but neither is ice! For those living in regions that endure cold temperatures and considerable amounts of snowfall during the winter months, Gutter Helmet® has developed a cutting-edge product called Helmet Heat®. Helmet Heat is a heated cable system that protects your home all winter long by keeping the roof, gutters and downspouts free of dangerous ice, frost and heavy loads of snow that most buildings are not designed to withstand. The Helmet Heat system from Gutter Helmet can greatly reduce any damage from harsh winter weather conditions and protect the structural integrity of the roof. Read more »

Put a Stop to Damaging Ice with Helmet Heat®

icicles-from-the-roofIcicles are pretty to look at during the winter months, but the weight of icicles can pull your gutters away from the side of your home. In some cases, the heavy weight of ice can pull gutters completely off, leading to expensive repair costs. Heavy snow and ice that build up on the edges of your roof can also damage siding and the roof itself. To make matters worse, icy runoff will turn your walkway and stairs into a treacherous safety hazard. Read more »

7 Items to Leave Out of the Compost Bin

frie-compost-largeToday, many households have three bins for waste: one for trash, one for recycling and another for composting. Recycling and composting are environmentally-conscious ways to reclaim materials that can be put back into the production chain. Rather than being buried in a landfill, as much as 30% of household waste can be recycled into compost, a kind of soil that includes valuable nutrients and organic matter. Compost can be applied to lawns and gardens to help plants better retain nutrients, moisture and air.

However, there are certain organic substances that should not be composted. These substances may retard the growth of plants, break down too slowly or attract pests. Do not add the following items to your compost pile. Read more »

Why Fall Gutter Cleaning is Important

importance of fall cleaningNow that fall is here and the leaves have begun to change, there are many projects to be done around the home in preparation for winter. The one that most often gets overlooked, however, is gutter cleaning. For busy homeowners, this inconvenient task is often relegated to the bottom of the to-do list, but routine gutter cleaning is a vital part of good home maintenance.

The problem is many homeowners wait until their gutters are overflowing or so much debris has collected in them that they are pulling away from the roof. For a home, this method of maintenance is the equivalent of waiting until you have a heart attack to lower your cholesterol! Read more »

How Do I Know If My Gutters are Clogged?

In areas where deciduous trees grow, gutters typically become clogged from the build-up of leaves that fall in the autumn, or seed pods and blossoms that are shed in the spring. These types of debris will clog not only gutters, but also downspouts and underground drain systems. Occasionally birds, squirrels and other animals may also build a nest in gutters and cause clogs. Read more »

Beyond Cleaning: Is It Time to Replace Your Gutters?

time to replace guttersFall is the perfect time to perform routine gutter cleaning. While you’re at it, this is also a great time to get an up-close-and-personal look at your gutters and their condition. They may not seem like a substantial system, but gutters play a huge role in protecting your home from devastating water damage. This is why it is important to ensure that gutters are leak-free and in good repair. Read more »

Gutter Helmet® Goes Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Gutter Helmet® would like to salute those who are fighting this devastating disease, those who have fought and won, and the co-survivors whose support has given others the strength to fight. Here are three survivors’ stories of courage and determination.

Debbie Woodbury, Survivor

cancer1After being diagnosed with Stage 0 DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) breast cancer and undergoing a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery in 2009, Debbie felt lost and damaged despite not having to undergo chemotherapy. The scars and shock of the cancer experience shattered her confidence and sense of well-being, leaving her angry and depressed. She describes the cancer support services that followed her mastectomy as “my salvation.” With the support of a therapist, support groups and a rehabilitative exercise class, Debbie started to feel less alone. Read more »

6 Myths Other Gutter Shield Companies Want You to Believe

mythsOther gutter shield brands claim that their products are superior in construction and performance, yet there are unique benefits that set Gutter Helmet® apart from the competition. Here are some myths you might hear from other gutter guard companies.

Theirs is the only product with a “no clog warranty.” But the competitors’ fine print also states you can get a free cleaning when the system clogs … which is a bit contradictory. Gutter Helmet never needs cleaning and our warranty guarantees it.

A wider gap is better. Gutter Helmet’s 3/8″ gap has been carefully engineered to allow a heavy flow of water while keeping out leaves and debris. Other products with a wide ½” gap will not be as effective at keeping out debris. Read more »

Early Fall is a Great Time to Invest in the Best Gutter Protection

fall-seasonGutter covers are a type of leaf protection with the purpose of keeping water flowing freely through the gutter system by preventing debris from getting into the gutter. Gutter protection has grown increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. It greatly reduces the chance of water damage to a structure due to overflowing gutters, and eliminates the messy and risky chore of checking and cleaning gutters once or twice per year. Ultimately, gutter covers pay for themselves in time and labor savings, as well as potential home repairs. Read more »