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Tips for Cleaning Rain Gutters imageLast winter, your home was likely exposed to harsh conditions and might have incurred damage from water and ice. With spring quickly approaching, you ought to identify these issues quickly because things like clogged gutters will take their toll in the event of heavy rainfall as falling debris like twigs, flower petals, and leaves will get more common.

However, homeowners ought to do some serious de-clogging and this task can be very difficult, especially for those with limited physical capacity; and hiring someone to clean up your gutters regularly can be very expensive. An article on Yahoo voices talks about this issue:

As fall approaches the leaves start to turn color and will fall off, causing many of us to venture outside to clean our gutters out. If you do not have a gutter guard then you will most likely be hiring a gutter cleaning professional or you can do it yourself. Cleaning gutters can be very dangerous and time consuming…

…Not only should you have someone spot you while you clean the gutters to make sure that the ladder stays stable, but they can also look out for power lines, which are a major hazard for working on a ladder… Read more »

Enjoy A Stress-Free Spring: Gutter Covers Got You Covered!

What Gutter Guards Can Do For You imageSpring rains can be pleasant, but over time, they can cause damage on your property. The main issue with rainfall is that you do not want it to find its way into your home.Also, you do not want the soil around your house to get saturated because this would weaken the foundations, which is responsible for holding up your home’s weight. Weakened earth could lead to gaps in your walls and even affect the stability of the entire structure.

This season, like every spring, most homeowners have a lot of household projects demanding their attention. One thing that often gets overlooked is gutter cleanup and maintenance.Clogged and overflowingrain gutters are two major causes of water damage in American homes. The result?Decaying wood, mold growth, peeling paint, sagging siding, and more.

Take advantage of periods of good weather this spring to have durable gutter covers installed. They can help keep your gutters clean and protectedeven during the heaviest spring rains. Here are other advantages: Read more »

Do Away with Gutter Cleaning and Secure Gutter Protection from Gutter Helmet

How do I Choose the Best Gutter Guard imageCleaning gutters is not an easy task but it’s important to extend their use. Leaves and other debris can clog the water flow, which can result in the formation of rust, while objects jammed inside can become a fire hazard. Meanwhile, stagnant water will encourage pests that will eventually invade your home. Worst of all, if left unattended, the water will eventually endanger the home’s overall foundation.

To prevent serious problems like these from happening in the future, homeowners should install dependable gutter protection. A gutter guard is like an insurance policy; a one-time investment that pays off as it secures the condition of the house through time. Moreover, with proper gutter protection, homeowners stand to save time without having to worry about climbing a shaky ladder. This WiseGeek article points out what to look for when shopping around for gutter guards: Read more »

Prepare Your Home for April Showers: Safeguard Your Gutter System

Chicago Coldest December to March Period Since 1872 imageSpring has arrived, and soon, April showers will be heading your way. Now would be a great time to carry out some basic gutter system maintenance tasks. You’ll want to check and make sure that all things are in perfect order and that your gutters are well able to divert water properly.

Getting a move on with gutter maintenance is vital in preventing worse forms of damageto your home. Clogged, sagging, and leaking gutters are the most common problems and the ones you should do everything to prevent, especially in areas like Chicago, where rainfall and storms are expected this season: Read more »

Never Worry About Clogged Gutters Again with Gutter Helmet®

How do I Choose the Best Gutter Guard imageFor a gutter system to continue functioning well, it should always be free of clogs. Leaves and other debris can get stuck in your gutters, preventing them from driving water away from your house’s foundation and walls. While you can clean the gutter yourself, it can be a dangerous job and having someone regularly do the dirty work for you is not a very cost-effective solution. Thankfully, you can choose to get a gutter leaf guard.

Gutter guards are devices that help to prevent gutters attached along the roofline of homes from becoming clogged with debris. An effective gutter guard makes it possible for the maintenance of the gutter to be easier and also helps to prevent the damage to eaves that can occur when gutters become clogged. Read more »

Is Your Gutter System Ready for Severe Weather Risks and Its Aftermath?

Tornado, severe weather risk for Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama Friday imageFor those who do not know yet, a gutter’s main purpose is to protect a property’s foundation by channeling water away from its base. It controls the flow of rainwater from the roof to the ground, protecting your home from damage caused by water, flooding, and moisture. Indeed, it is among the most important systems in your house and it needs to always be at its optimum state, ready for drastic weather conditions.

With that in mind, take this weather report into account from KJRH-TV regarding several areas that were at risk for severe weather:

The risk for severe weather, including tornadoes, is going to be limited to east Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and southern Alabama.

If you are residing in any of the mentioned states, it is of great importance that your home is fully equipped to combat the forces of nature. Storms can take a huge toll on your property both during their onset and even after they pass. Read more »

Protect Your Rain Gutter System This Spring with Gutter Helmet®

Ann Hoke Remove gutter gunk this spring imageCleaning gutters can be an exhausting spring chore. Apart from the basics—mucking out leaves and debris—you’ll also need a thorough gutter and roofing system inspection to make sure that everything’s functioning well.

Despite the fact that cleaning gutters is one of the most important tasks on homeowners’ spring cleaning checklists, there are still many who overlook this and end up with worse problems later on. Delays in gutter cleanup can damage not only your gutter system, but also your roof. An article published in The Tennessean puts this gutter problem in the simplest terms: Read more »

Spring Clean Your Gutters: Install a Gutter Protection System

15 Spring Home Maintenance Tips imageFor the majority of Americans, “spring cleaning” is a part of life; as soon as the first warm days of the year arrive, many people gear up to start the yearly ritual of cleaning the house from top to bottom. It has become a tradition that allows homeowners to touch up their homes, deep-clean the rugs, scrub away stains and odors, get organized, rearrange various home fixtures and perhaps create a different house atmosphere and get a head start for the busy summer days ahead.

From the roof down to the foyer and from the kitchen to the bathrooms, the entire activity can be daunting yet one important portion of the house, albeit seemingly relegated to the side, should not be overlooked: your gutters. knows exactly why you shouldn’t ignore this vital part of the house and gave this advice:

Clean your gutters. Gutters direct rain away from your roof and home, protecting both in the process. Clogged gutters, meanwhile, open your home to water damage—and there’s a good chance you won’t notice the damage until you need an expensive repair.

Cleaning the gutters is a chore that warrants doing in the spring, especially if your house is near evergreens, which sheds needles year-round. If you’re not comfortable regularly working on a ladder and scooping out heavy leaves and debris that are water soaked, moldy and rotting, you should consider getting a more permanent solution like a gutter protection system.

Spring is the best time to check for clogged and dirty gutters as these issues can quickly lead to water buildup on your roof, causing leaks and moisture to enter your home. You can get effective gutter protection from Gutter Helmet® to block debris from settling in and still efficiently direct rainwater away from the home.For more information about the benefits of their revolutionary product, visit

(Article Excerpt and Image from15 Spring Home Maintenance Tips,

Increase Property Value and Curb Appeal with Gutter Helmet®

Improve your home's curb appeal imageSpring is one of the busiest seasons of the year for the real estate market. Expect houses with excellent curb appeal to get a lot of attention and run-down properties to get the cold shoulder from prospective home buyers.

A beautiful house is one that is well taken care of. If you’re thinking about putting your home up for sale, this excerpt from an article on Leader-Post offers a tip on sprucing up your property:

Clean the gutters. Leaves and sticks hanging from the gutters are a red flag to buyers, who tend to associate clogged gutters with roof damage. Clean the gutters thoroughly before putting your home up for sale and keep them clean throughout the selling process. If your property includes lots of trees, install guards to keep twigs and leaves out of the gutters.

Buyers are right to be wary of dirty gutters. Debris-filled gutters will soon clog, and clogged gutters will soon cause water buildup on your roof, which will, in time, lead to roof leaks and costly water damage. If left unchecked long enough, gutter problems can also lead to mold and mildew growth, which can pose serious health risks not only to the members of your household, but to future homeowners as well. For these reasons, it is important to have gutters cleaned as regularly as possible.

The article also mentioned the use of gutter guards, which is an excellent precaution, especially if you’re not a real fan of cleaning out your gutters. Gutter Helmet®, the best gutter guard on the market today, is an excellent choice. Their innovative product ensures total gutter protection by stopping the problem of debris buildup even before it happens.

Gutter Helmet®has been in the business of manufacturing the best gutter guards in the country for over30 years. They believe that every home is an investment, which is why they are committed to providing the best protection possible to preserve the beauty of every home they serve.


(Article Excerpt and Image From Improve your home’s curb appeal,, March 21,2014)

Practice Safety at Home: Get Professional Gutter Guard Installation

Gutter Cleaning and Care imageTo save some money, you have probably been tempted to take on home repair issues on your own. When it comes to cleaning the gutters that protect your dream house, it can mean that you need to do the chore on a regular basis. has this advice:

It’s a good idea to inspect gutters a couple times a year to make sure they’re operating efficiently. Gutters are secured to something called a fascia board. This board hangs just under the roofline and is typically made of wood. Make sure the fascia isn’t deteriorating or rotting when you’re on a ladder checking gutters.

Patching holes doesn’t take much skill or expertise, but you do need to be comfortable working from a ladder.

Anchor your ladder securely and climb up to the gutter. Clear away debris from the leaking area. There can be exposed screws and jagged metal parts in gutters, so be sure to wear heavy-duty work gloves. Read more »