Improve the Long-Term Viability and Value of Your Home with Gutter Leaf Guards

Improve valueWhen it comes to home maintenance, certain steps must be taken to ensure every component is functioning properly. Gutters are small but critical components that have a dramatic effect on the long-term viability and value of your home. Regarding gutter maintenance, there are numerous gutter styles, materials and gutter cover solutions to choose from. However, choosing an inferior gutter guard can do more harm than good.

Screens often become dislodged by animals or wind, or debris becomes trapped in the mesh, both problems which will cause frequent maintenance requirements. Screens with a very tight weave may even cause water to overshoot the gutter, causing damage to the home exterior and landscaping.

Interest in gutter protection has grown increasingly popular in recent years, as “baby boomers” age and homeowners in general have a desire to reduce home maintenance demands. Though gutter leaf guards involve a considerable upfront investment, the cost can be mitigated over the years by the safety benefits of not having to clean gutters and/or the cost savings from not needing to hire a gutter cleaning service.

Gutter Helmet® offers an excellent solution to capture water without allowing debris to build up in gutters or water to overshoot the gutter. Its patented design allows rainwater to be directed into gutters while keeping out clog-inducing leaves, needles, twigs and other debris. Save money you would otherwise spend on costly repairs and maintenance – go with Gutter Helmet for a lifetime of clog-free gutters! With Gutter Helmet, we guarantee you will never have to clean your gutters again. Call (866) 547-7352 today to schedule a FREE estimate with your local Gutter Helmet dealer!

Use Rain Gutter Guards to Avoid the Dangers of a Flooded Basement

flooded-basement-home-lgLike a car, your home is a complex system with multiple components that work together to perform a certain task. When any one of these components is neglected or broken, over the long term your home will not be able to do its job – protecting you and your family from the elements. Take the gutters, for example. When a rain gutter system becomes clogged with debris and overflow, the water can end up in a very unwelcome place: the basement. Read more »

Trust the Professionals to Install Gutter Protection Systems

Today’s homeowner has a wide variety of gutter protection systems to choose from. Pricing of a gutter guard system is typically done on a per-foot basis. Many companies that sell gutter covers include installation of the product at no extra charge. Others sell the gutter cover system and parts only, but leave you to install the product yourself. In the case of professional installation, many companies will provide complimentary cleaning and minor gutter repairs with the purchase of a system. More substantial repairs may add to the final cost. Read more »

Why We Recommend Seamless Gutters

seamlessguttersAs gutter guard installation experts, the Gutter Helmet® team loves sharing our knowledge and experience with homeowners around the country. We’ve been in the gutter cover business since the early 1980’s, and we know a high-quality rain gutter system when we see it! Each year we help more homeowners choose seamless rain gutters for their homes, because the benefits of this product can’t be beat. Read more »

5 Home Issues That Should be Addressed Immediately

Home_MaintenanceMost homeowners expect a certain amount of maintenance to accompany homeownership, but the need for repairs can pop up at unexpected and unwelcome times. Some repair items can be delayed for a time, but others are signs that should not be ignored if you want to avoid costly problems in the future. Here are five signs to make you sit up and pay attention. Read more »

Downspouts 101: Understanding How Downspouts Work

downspoutGutter systems operate on a basic concept of gravity and water flow, where the sloped gutter channel directs rainwater to the downspout and moves it away from the home. Understanding the purpose and importance of the downspout can ensure that you pay proper attention to this component to keep your gutter system operating at peak performance year-round.

How They Work

A downspout is a lightweight tube that extends vertically from gutter trough to the ground. While downspouts can be installed at any low point along a gutter system, they are typically placed at the end of the trough along the corners of a home. A downspout is designed to carry water that flows off the roof and into the gutters safely down and away from the foundation, where it could cause damage. It is typically made from the same material as the gutter, and in the same color, to create a uniform look. A good rule of thumb is one downspout for every 40 feet of gutter. Read more »

The Do’s and Don’ts of Gutters, Downspouts and Gutter Guards

roof--shingles--house---28823201As summer draws to a close, many of us are climbing up on our roofs to clean out gutters. Taking care of this job does more than protect your gutters – your home’s #1 enemy is water, and gutters that are not working properly will compromise the structural integrity of your home and even endanger your family’s health with mold and mildew growth. Water must flow away from your house, and gutters play a vital role in that process. Read more »

Stop! Before You Get Out That Ladder to Clean Gutters, Read This

gutter_services_sacramento-300x227There are a number of reasons to consider gutter leaf protection for your home. When left unattended, clogged gutters can result in thousands of dollars in damage from rot, erosion and foundation problems. Safety is another top concern; each year an estimated 135,000 people suffer from ladder-related injuries – some of them fatal. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, persons 65 and older account for half of all ladder deaths.

Cleaning out gutters poses obvious risks to personal safety. In order to minimize the chance of injury or death, follow these tips. Read more »

Gutter Cleaning: A Sign of the Fall Season

fall gutter cleaningThe end of summer heralds the beginning of a new season of activities. You may be looking forward to sending kids back to school, the return of football games or crisp, cool autumn mornings – but you’re probably not excited about gutter cleaning. Unfortunately, this household chore is also part of the fall season. Those dry leaves, pine needles, twigs, nuts and pods that have built up over the course of the summer prevent water from draining safely away from your home. Keeping your gutters clear and flowing freely is important year-round, but especially in the fall before winter arrives, when cold and ice can make gutter cleaning nearly impossible.

Why is it so important to keep gutters clear? Gutters clogged with debris can lead to many other problems. Read more »

Winter is Coming – Is a Rain Gutter Guard in Your Future?

Calendar pageHave you taken a peek out of an upstairs window at your gutters? Do you see an accumulation of leaves, dirt and debris? Yes, it’s that time of year again when you must face the task of clearing gutters or do a Google search to find a local gutter cleaning service to get the job done. Based on last year’s winter weather, it is very important for homeowners in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast to take care of gutter cleaning before temperatures turn colder. Read more »