5 Common Locations for Ice Dams on a Roof

icicles and ice dam on homeIn those regions of the country that are subject to significant amounts of snowfall and extended periods of freezing temperatures, many homes are damaged by a phenomenon known as ice damming. An ice dam is a ridge of ice that prevents snowmelt from draining off the roof. The cause is heat from a home’s interior that rises to the roof deck and melts the snow above. That melting snow then flows down to the colder, lower portion of the roof and refreezes, forming a dam, while more snowmelt backs up behind the ice dam.

If left unchecked, that dammed water can then leak into the home, causing damage to ceilings, walls, floors, insulation and more – just when conditions outside are the worst for repairs. In most areas, ice dams occur from late December through late February. Read more »

Helmet Heat®: The Effective & Economical Solution to Ice Damming

How to stop ice dams on roofIn winter, you may see heat cables for roofs while strolling through the home improvement store or hear about them on the TV or radio. There are many terms used to describe this type of product: heat tracing cables, roof deicing cables, heat tape, gutter heating cables, self-regulating cables and many more. When installed properly, these devices can minimize the likelihood that an ice dam will form along the roofline, allowing water to build up behind it and cause leaks. Read more »

Gutters 101: Everything You Need To Know

seamlessguttersYou know you’ve got to get some roof gutters up, but you’re not sure what you need to do. Don’t worry: we’ve got a complete overview of roof gutter solutions, from figuring out how to install gutters, how material much you need, and how to keep it clean when it’s up. Read more »

The Ultimate Gutter Shield: Tips to Protect Your Gutters from Leaves & Muck

Gutters get dirty. That’s inevitable. But there are steps you can take to keep them as clean as possible. This not only extends the life of your gutters, it keeps you from constantly going up and down that dangerous ladder for routine cleanings. The best medicine is always preventative medicine, so here’s a handy checklist to keep your gutters clear. Read more »

How to Hang Christmas Lights When You Have Gutter Helmet®

Christmas lights on gutters

Gutter Helmet® offers numerous benefits for today’s homeowner, but there is one time when it may cause a dilemma: the holidays. If part of your Christmas celebration includes decorating the exterior of your home with lights, your gutter guard installation may interfere with hanging certain types of light clips on the gutters. The good news is there are a few solutions we can recommend to resolve this problem. Read more »

Send Your Gutter Runoff Underground with a French Drain

Controlling and directing all of your home’s rain gutter system runoff can be quite a challenge. Your installer must be meticulous in planning and constructing a system that completely surrounds the sloped portion of your roof. Then, he must route these gutters to their respective downspouts. But if the rainwater winds up pooling in a flowerbed, puddling on your lawn or splashing near your foundation, all of that painstaking effort will be wasted.

There is one solution that maybe you haven’t considered: sending the runoff underground. Read more »

4 Smart Reasons to Hire a Professional Gutter Cleaner

Why hire a professional gutter cleanerGutter cleaning is a necessary step in good home maintenance. Free-flowing gutters make sure that your home is able to handle large amounts of water and direct it away before that water can cause damage to the exterior, foundation or surrounding landscaping. Regularly cleaning the gutter system also prevents clogs in the downspouts, which can lead to backed-up gutters and the growth of algae. For the best results, contract with a professional gutter cleaning service to care for your gutter and downspout system. Here’s why. Read more »