5 Gutter Cleaning Tips That Could Save Your Life

man on roof cleaning guttersIf more homeowners understood the correct method to clean their gutters, far fewer people would be injured or die while performing this common home maintenance task – and the statistics are surprising. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 90,000 emergency room visits result from ladder-related injuries every year. Over the last 10 years, the number of ladder-related injuries has increased by 50%.

Key to a safe gutter cleaning experience is knowing the precautions to take to protect yourself and your home. Read more »

The Downspout Extender, Part 2: Ideas to Create Better Curb Appeal

In a previous blog, we established that a downspout extender is one of the most effective ways to prevent basement flooding. Homeowners who have long struggled with damp, musty basements and crawl spaces are amazed that adding an extender to the downspout – which moves water drainage from the roof farther away from the foundation – can be such an easy solution.

However, for many homeowners, a long piece of guttering stretching out onto a well-manicured lawn is an eyesore – not to mention inconvenient when it comes time to mow the lawn or walk around the yard. For those who want to conceal a downspout extender, here are five clever solutions. Read more »

The Downspout Extender, Part 1: Protect Your Home from the Threat of Basement Flooding

white hinged downspout extensionWould you be surprised that one of the most effective ways to prevent basement flooding is with a simple piece of guttering known as a downspout extender? For many homes, this extension of the gutter system is a miracle fix for chronically damp basements and crawl spaces, or musty smells in these areas. Just by moving water drainage farther from the foundation, you too could spare yourself the cost of a waterproofing system or other expensive solutions.

To determine how far you should extend your gutters, consider the type of soil and the slope of the lot around your home. If you have loose, sandy soil where the builders filled in after construction was complete and this surface slopes toward the house, water will flow easily through the soil and pool around the foundation. This could even cause the structure to settle unevenly. Read more »

Get Ready for Summer: The Benefits of a Retractable Awning

SunShade awning by Gutter HelmetEnjoy the sun when you want it and the shade when you don’t: that’s the most appealing benefit of a retractable awning. In just seconds, you can turn your hot deck or patio into a cool, shady retreat that’s 10-20 degrees cooler than before you pushed the button.  In addition to installing America’s #1 choice in gutter protection, select Gutter Helmet® dealers also install SunShade awnings to help homeowners get more out of their outdoor living spaces.

SunShade awnings are custom-built in America to the highest standards of both style and functionality. You’ll love all the benefits you get from a SunShade awning. Read more »

April Showers Bring … Overflowing Gutters?

overflowing guttersAfter a long winter, nearly everyone looks forward to spring with its warmer weather, brightly colored flowers and pretty greenery. Spring also brings a need for routine home maintenance, especially for the gutter system. Winters are hard on gutters! For many months, they may be loaded down with heavy ice and snow that loosens fittings and causes them to pull away from the house. Read more »

Gutter Helmet® Featured on the Lifetime® Channel’s Designing Spaces

Owning a home means there is no shortage of do-it-yourself projects. One of those projects that is not a lot of fun, and in fact can be quite dangerous, is cleaning out the rain gutters. Climbing a ladder and dealing with leaves, bugs, debris and muck is a tiring and potentially hazardous chore. That’s why the producers of Designing Spaces – the popular home improvement show that features innovative remodeling, decorating and home design ideas – chose to feature Gutter Helmet® on their March 23 episode.

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Gutter Helmet® Named to List of Top 5 Products of 2014

Top 5 Gutter Opportunities MagazineGutter Helmet is pleased to be included on the newly released list of the Top 5 Products of 2014, as chosen by readers of Gutter Opportunities. Gutter Opportunities is a special tri-annual publication of Metal Roofing Magazine and dedicated exclusively to the rain handling industry. The magazine features a complete guide to gutter products, marketing ideas and strategies for gutter businesses, as well as industry news, features and machinery tips. Read more »

Don’t Forget Spring Gutter Cleaning

don't forget spring gutter cleaningWith all the activities and home maintenance chores that come with spring, it’s easy to forget (or put off) cleaning your gutters. Don’t ignore this important task! By not checking for damage and clearing out the dirt and debris that has collected in the gutters since the last cleaning, you could be in for roofing, siding and even foundation issues in the near future.

The sole function of a gutter and downspout system is to protect your home from water damage by channeling water that drains off the roof and depositing it safely away from the house. However, when this system is compromised by clogs or other issues, water can back up and penetrate the roof, soffit, fascia and siding. Eventually this can cause rot and damage to both the exterior and interior. Read more »

Save Energy & Cut Costs with a Retractable Awning

Did you know the heat that enters your home through window glass is responsible for an estimated 20% of the load on your air conditioner? A retractable awning is a wonderful way to combat unwanted solar heat gain because it is more effective at preventing solar radiation from penetrating glass than window films and tinted glass. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, awnings placed over south-facing windows can cut heat gain by up to 65% in the summer, and awnings placed over west-facing windows can reduce heat gain by up to 77%! That’s impressive savings, both in energy usage and cooling costs. Read more »