Why the Best Gutter Guard System Isn’t Made of Plastic

Vinyl gutter guardsHave you ever noticed that most all of the components of your roof are made of metal? That’s because metal offers better durability for a location that sees the most taxing exposure known to man, including intense sun, driving rain, heavy snow, pounding hail and more. Then why are some rain gutter covers made of plastic? Here’s why we believe vinyl gutter guards are not your best choice for long-term gutter protection. Read more »

4 Ways to Effectively Repel Mosquitoes Around Your Home

mosquito_leafThere’s no denying that mosquitoes are one of the peskiest creatures in existence. Every summer around the country, mosquitoes invade yards and just about any place you can travel in the great outdoors. Follow these tips to take back your outdoor living space from this bloodthirsty insect.

  1. Protect yourself. If mosquitoes are a constant presence in your yard, arm yourself with an insect repellent containing DEET. Mosquitoes intensely dislike the smell of this oily chemical, yet DEET is non-toxic to animals and humans. In addition, try to wear light-colored clothing and avoid colognes, perfumes and scented body products that may attract mosquitoes. Read more »

Why Your Gutter Cap Installer Must Be Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Licensed, Bonded and InsuredPurchasing and maintaining a home is likely the biggest expense you will ever have. It’s understandable that property owners also want to get the lowest prices when they need services for their home, and may consider hiring an unlicensed contractor. Most unlicensed contractors are not insured or bonded, therefore they do not pay unemployment or compensation insurance for their workers and can underbid the licensed contractor. While this savings may seem attractive on the surface, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of hiring a true professional. Read more »

Comparing Costs: Are Leaf Gutter Guards a Good Investment?

know_your_budgetGutter guards are designed to fit over gutters, acting as a filter to stop leaves and other debris from entering while still allowing water run-off to flow through unimpeded. Many brands of gutter guard systems are advertised as a cure-all solution to gutter cleaning, though in reality these models only block large leaves while providing less protection against smaller debris. Read more »

Discourage Nesting Birds with Gutter Guard

Nest2While many homeowners enjoy observing birds and watching them raise their young, occasionally birds build nests in unsuitable or unsafe locations around a home. These locations include near doors and walkways, inside vents and chimneys, and in gutter troughs. If a bird family has taken up residence in your gutters, the nest will need to be relocated to protect the adults and their babies, and to prevent associated problems with your gutter system.

Bird nesting materials can clog gutters and downspouts, permitting water to seep into soffit and fascia boards, cause damage to siding, pool around your foundation and create an ideal environment for breeding insects. Acidic bird droppings can result in unsightly stains and damage to roofing materials and ventilation systems. A routine check of your gutters can locate problem nests that will result in these issues on and around your home. Read more »

Use Gutter Helmet® to Squirrelproof Your Rain Gutter System

SquirrelproofWhile squirrels may appear cute in cartoons, the damage they can cause to a home is no laughing matter. This member of the rodent family possesses a strong urge to gnaw, a habit that maintains its continuously growing teeth. This urge sometimes drives squirrels to attack window sills, siding, flashing, soffits, eaves, fascia, decks and even electrical wiring, causing extensive and costly damage. Female squirrels in search of a nesting site often decide a rain gutter system is a prime location to raise their brood, compounding the danger to your home’s exterior. Once squirrels have taken up residence on your home, they can be very difficult to evict. Read more »

Why Hire a BBB Accredited Gutter Cover Installer

bbbGutter Helmet® considers our network of professional gutter guard installers one of our greatest assets. Our dealers are the best in the industry, and their expertise is demonstrated by their quality workmanship, project after project. Gutter Helmet receives almost no complaints about their work, and our customer base continues to grow each year. We’re pleased that so many of our dealers are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), an achievement which gives Gutter Helmet customers the following benefits. Read more »

5 Steps to Gutter Cleaning Safety – Or Skip the Chore When You Install Gutter Leaf Protection

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is the semi-annual chore that most often strikes fear into the heart of even the most enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer, not only because it is tedious and dirty but because it involves the risk of physical injury. When it’s time to face the reality of gutter cleaning, follow these tips to ensure your safety and make the job less taxing. Read more »

Gutter Leaf Guard, the Permanent Solution to Clogged Downspouts

Are you one of those conscientious homeowners who cleans out your gutters in the spring and fall, hoping to avoid the perils of clogged gutters? If so, you are likely also aware of the importance of properly sloped gutters, and are diligent about making sure the gutters are not rusting or leaking. So when the heavy rains start, your carefully maintained rain gutter system directs water that runs down your roof smoothly into the gutters … and stops at the clogged downspouts. Read more »