Best Gutter Guard:
3 Things to Check Before You Buy

You want to keep your gutters as clean as possible, so you may be thinking about investing in a gutter guard system for your home. But a quick Internet search reveals many differenSt types of gutter guard that you can buy, which vary widely in appearance and price. They also make different claims about what they can do. So how can you determine the best gutter guard for you?

Gutter Guard

Here are three things you should look into before you make any purchases:

1. Materials: The best gutter guard is constructed with high-quality materials. You can purchase a gutter guard that is made with a see-through aluminum mesh that allows water to filter through it, but these often have vertical slots or other types of openings that can trap smaller kinds of debris. There are also gutter covers which are fashioned out of metal or sturdy plastic, giving your guttering system an “enclosed” appearance. These generally hang over your gutters to keep all debris out of them while still letting rainwater into them.

2. Installation: This is the age-old conundrum with home improvement: do you hire a professional or do it yourself? Many of the best gutter guards include installation costs in the price quotes, but you always have the option of purchasing only the materials and installing it yourself for less money. You just have to gauge your willingness to spend the time and put out the physical effort it takes to climb up on your roof and install a gutter guard on your own.

3. Guarantees: Several gutter guard companies “guarantee” their work. That’s great, but you should really get a firm idea of what that guarantee actually entails. Does the company simply provide a vague warranty that covers the product’s durability, or does the installation of the gutter guard itself also fall under that umbrella of protection? In addition, some companies make “clog-proof” guarantees. Are these backed up in writing? Will the company clean out gutters, replace materials, or reinstall the gutter guard if debris does clog up the guttering?

There is no “one size fits all” answer to finding the best gutter guard for your home. You must assess the guttering and drainage needs you have and figure out which system will best address those needs. Only then will you be able to determine which gutter guard is best for you.